Client Information

Photography Session Fees

Family or Child Session Fee … $125

Newborn Session Fee…$150

Event Fee (up to two hours)…$150

First Birthday Smash Cake Fee (You provide the cake) $100

Combined package of a Birthday Party and Family or Child Session Fee…$250

Additional fees may be applied for more than two wardrobe changes, more than one location, or a location more than 15 miles from the 33629 area. Please contact me for additional pricing.

The session fee includes up to four people ($25 per additional person) at a location agreed upon by the client and photographer. This fee also includes a cd ($10 more for flash drive) with edited images and a printing release.

Family sessions are generally completed in about an hour, smash cake sessions are from 30 to 45 minutes, and newborn sessions can take up to two hours. For events that will run over two hours, please contact me for additional pricing.

To secure pricing, a deposit and signed contract must be completed.


More Helpful Information

What to Wear

It can be stressful figuring out what to wear and how to coordinate everyone. Here are some tips. Pick two to three colors, keeping in mind what your location will be and what the backdrop will look like. If you’re planning on hanging prints in your home, you also may want to consider what will coordinate with the room in which they will be hung. Dress the family in a variety of solids and patterns keeping these two to three colors in mind. Layers are always fun and add that extra touch to images. Hats and headbands are super sweet too!!

What to Expect

Pintrest is a fun way to get ideas on what to wear, poses you may like, etc. If you want to be more involved, you may share some ideas with me. If you want to just show up, you can do that too!

For newborns, it’s best to have them just fed before the session or even while I’m setting up. This helps them sleep and allows them to be more easily posed. We will be doing a lot of poses with diapers off, and I am prepared for what happens. Everything is washed between sessions. If shooting in your home, please allow as much natural light in as possible by opening windows, etc. I will do a walk through of your home before setting up to determine the best location. We may also do some outdoor shooting, depending on weather. I encourage props! If possible, let me know ahead of time what you have in mind so I can bring things that will coordinate or give you the “look” you’re going for.

For little kids, I focus less on posing and more on play. This will warm them up to me and it will allow me to get poses that express their personality. I will work in posed shots along the way, when I feel the child is more comfortable. I’m sometimes getting the best shots when you think there is nothing I could be shooting (in between shots). Props are also great!! Think of anything that will help tell a little more about your little one, like a favorite toy, rocking chair, or something that mom and dad may be into that we can use. For example, if the family is into music, we could use a guitar or something else as a prop. Feel free to discuss with me any ideas. A small treat for when we are all done is also a good way to get smiles from those that are a little more shy. Even better, ice cream afterward works great too!

For senior pictures, I like to capture what’s important to you! Please discuss with me ahead of time if you are into sports, music, a hobby or anything that  we can incorporate in our shoot that tells a story about you.

For families, I am into candid, photojournalist style pictures. You never know when you may be in the background of the best shot – so just keep smiling. Along with this, there will be the perfectly posed shots as well. I’m a mom, and I get it! We all want that perfect picture to hang on the mantel. Pintrest is a good way to let me know if there is a particular pose you like or would like to replicate (in your own style, of course)!



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